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Bag Insert in Korean Felt

Functionality You Will Love


Comes in 3 different thickness choice

  • 1mm - provide less structure and could even give a *weak* feeling, this is especially obvious on bigger organisers. However, this is perfect for those whom prefer a more relax/natural look and yet provide the bag with the essential protection against dirt and dust.

  • 2mm - the standard thickness used, perfect for shape maintenance and lining protection.

  • 3mm - only recommended for big travel bags

*** Note: The color might be differ slightly due to the felt thickness. For example, 2mm Red doesn't look exactly the same as 1mm Red.


Available in 39 color options

39 unique colors choice to match your preference.

You can reach out to us with a photo of your bag lining if you need assistance in matching.


Custom made insert for each bag model

Every bag insert are custom made as per its model, do reach out to us if you need specific bag model. 


Multiple insert layout available

We have multiple insert layout available for different kind of bags.

Feel free to edit the pocket layout to suit your usage preference.

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